What is Frozen Custard?


So, What IS frozen Custard and how does it differ from regular ice cream?

Frozen Custard is a gourmet ice cream that originated on Coney Island, and it is usually described as: fresh, creamy, thick, rich, smooth, and "The best ice cream I've ever tasted!". It is a natural, wholesome, frozen dairy product and differs from ice cream in both taste and texture.

KB's Frozen Custard is

Super Creamy
Frozen custard contains less butterfat than most regular ice creams. It also contains a small percentage of egg yolk which gives it more density. It has a low overrun meaning it has less air whipped in than regular ice cream. All this combined results in a dense creamy product that is much more filling than soft serve and regular ice cream. Ounce for ounce you get MORE for your money!
Super Smooth
We have a quick freeze technology machine that produces a product with virtually no ice crystals. This gives it a velvety smooth texture.
Super Fresh
It is made fresh right here throughout the day, unlike ice cream where it is manufactured elsewhere and brought into the store.

KB's Frozen Custard is super premium ice cream and its outstanding taste keeps customers coming back for more. Additionally, KB's uses only top quality toppings and ingredients to compliment the fresh taste of frozen custard. There's no doubt that in the world of ice cream, KB's Frozen Custard boasts:

"It's as Good as it gets!"